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5 Element Wonder - Initial Online Session

5 Element Wonder - Initial Online Session


Your session includes:


  • 90-minute (1.5 hour) 5 Element Wonder Session on Zoom Jacob


If you have already had an Initial Session with me before, please purchase the 5 Element Wonder Follow-Up Session


Please see below for detailed information about how the process works.

The 5 Element Wonder is an incredible process that can encourage major life transformation on multiple levels. To understand these levels in a fun way, we look at POEMS:








Just like the words of a poem, the words of your reality create the poem of your life. In the session, we will together explore how you have already been be a co-creator of your physical, observational, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and realities, and how you can intentionally create the experience aligned for you.


Embrace yourself for a journey that’s exciting and unique. There will be conversations unlike any you've ever had before and you will observe  yourself in ways that you have never had before. It is truly the beauty of it.


Congratulations on having yourself be the centrepiece of self-love. I am honoured and excited to help you explore the true expression of who and what you are in this lifetime and beyond.


Important Session Information


Your 90-minute 5 Element Wonder Initial Session will take online via Zoom with me, Jacob. 


Within 24-hours of purchasing, you will receive an email from us at to organise the booking of your consultation. 


Looking forward to connecting with you through this session,

Jacob Tyson

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