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Listen to Your Heart - Initial Online Session

Listen to Your Heart - Initial Online Session


Your Session Includes:


  • 90-minute (1.5 hour) Listen to Your Heart Session on Zoom with me, Jacob


If you have already had an Initial Session with me before, please purchase the Listen to Your Heart Follow-Up Session


Please see below for detailed information about how the process works.

Have you ever given yourself the opportunity, the space, the freedom and the non-judgement to see the calling of your heart? Many of us wonder if there is even a calling there. 


Often times we’ve externalised our heart to a mechanism of love outside of ourselves. When the external calling of love calls for our attention, it is often a reflection of our inside calling for our attention.


Our heart holds a wisdom that is deeper than we consciously realise and is always wanting to get our attention; waiting for us to acknowledge its wonderful call. 


With this session, together we will wonderfully explore the calling of your heart; giving it the space to express what it wants to say, feel what it wants you to feel, hear what it wants you to hear and know what it wants you to know.


It is an honour and a pleasure to work with you as you build a stronger connection with the most loving, supportive and helpful friend you have; your heart.





Your 90-minute Listen to Your Heart Initial Session will take online via Zoom with me, Jacob. 


Within 24-hours of purchasing, you will receive an email from us at to organise the booking of your consultation. 


Looking forward to connecting with you through this session,

Jacob Tyson

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