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Grass Fed Beef Eye - 60 Capsules

Grass Fed Beef Eye - 60 Capsules


Grass Fed 100% Australian Beef Eye - Supports Eye Health & Function.

Beef Eye extract is a wholefood supplement with vitamins, minerals, cofactors, peptides, proteins and amino acids for optimum eye health and vision to help improve quality of life and allow people to see and function to their full potential.


Supplementing with unique peptides from Beef Eye Extract supports a philosophy that healthy vision is related to nutrients such as eye specific peptides for better eye health and vision.

While eyesight refers to the eyes ability to see, healthy vision is developed through signals from the brain and nervous system, to actively interpret and understand the information made available through the eyes, influenced by the rest of the body.


Guided by a holistic health approach, Beef Eye Extract provides important nutrients that assist with quality of life, for sustaining excellent vision and optimum health.


Beef Eye extract dietary supplements support peptide deficiency and help to restore peptide-protein cycle in cells.

The natural peptide bioregulators in Beef Eye extract are a group of peptides, extracted from healthy eye tissue from Australian grass fed beef.


Inside the gastrointestinal tract the natural peptide bioregulators from wholefoods break down into amino acids and di-, tri- and tetrapeptides that match the DNA in a complementary way and activate protein synthesis in the respective body system.


Generally, dysfunctional glands and organs are experienced during all ages, but is more likely the older we get,


The older we get, the more support we need for our organs and glands to function at their optimum. As we age, our eyes change. From the outset changes may go unnoticed but eventually impact on our every day life.

Blurry vision: Makes driving and simple tasks harder.
Reading struggles: Close-up work becomes frustrating.
Dryness: Eye drops don't always help, and the soreness and redness stays.
Eye strain: Too much screen time wears your eyes out.
Tired eyes: Just can't keep the eyes open.
Persistent floaters: Those little shadows that just won't go away.​


What's worse is that the negative impacts of aging on eye health are magnified by screen time overexposure and chronic mental stress.


If that's not enough, the two leading causes of irreversible blindness in the Western world and globally - macular degenerationand glaucoma - are actually the end result of our eyes aging too quickly.



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INGREDIENTS:Eyes 250 mg with liver 250 mg


Hormone, pesticide & GMO free.

Absolutely no fillers (or) flow agents,

Pasture-raised in Australia,

Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished.


Benefits of Beef Eye;

- Shield against UV & blue light

- Reduce eye pressure

- Decrease vitreous floaters

- Support for macular degeneration
- Improve visual clarity

- Boost reading focus

- Improve night vision

- Comfort for dry & sore eyes

- Relieve eye strain & fatigue

- Neuroprotection for glaucoma

No hormones, no GMO's, no additives, no fillers, no stearates.


Grassfed Beef Eye is a wholefood and dietary supplement that provides 100% pure bovine eyes containing powerful building blocks and biodirectors along with the most nourishing superfood in existence — beef liver. Based on the concept of "like supports like," bovine eyes (w/ liver) may nourish and support our own eyes.*



Natural ingredients of Beef Eye, with Liver:

Proteins, peptides, enzymes and cofactors present in bovine eyes
Vitamin A, magnesium and zinc
Omega-3 (DHA), lutein and zeaxanthin

Raw materials for methylation from beef liver (folate, choline, B12, methyl donors)


Sourced exclusively from Australian Regenerative Farm Grass Fed cattle
Bovine eye contains eye-specific proteins, peptides, enzymes and cofactors

Rich in vitamin A, magnesium and zinc

Vitamin A, magnesium and zinc support the wellbeing of the eye
Contains omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), lutein and zeaxanthin
Lyophilised (freeze-dried) raw to preserve vitamins, minerals and cofactors

Does not contain pesticides, No fillers, No hormones; GMO-free

Grass-fed Beef Eye nourishes and supports optimal eye function. Our vision is dependant on a diet rich in key nutrients including specific peptides found within the eye tissue,

Health practitioners recommend Grass Fed Beef Eye (w/ Liver) to support their patients who are suffering from night blindness, macular degeneration, xerophthalmia, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Dr. Royal Lee, and other early nutritional pioneers believed the degenerative processes of a specific organ / gland could be reversed by ingesting the corresponding raw materials specific to that organ / gland.

In the 1930’s, Nobel Prize winner, George Wald discovered that extracts of eye tissue (retina, pigment, epithelium, and choroid) are effective in curing vitamin A deficiency and restoring optimal cellular growth.

Grass-fed Beef Eye is a whole food and dietary supplement that provides 100% pure bovine eye (and liver) with eye-specific peptides, cofactors and enzymes to nourish and support one's own eyes. Whole food, nutrient dense organs and glandulars provide targeted support in harmony with nature used by traditional healers and their cultures for centuries.

Reclaiming optimal vision is as simple as getting a combination of key nutrients into your diet that work in synergy such as animal-based Vitamin A, Zinc, Phospholipid Omega-3/DHA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Magnesium which are all present in Grass Fed Beef Eye.


The most abundant wholefood sources of zinc you can find are Grass Fed Beef Eye, Support your eye health, by consuming Grass Fed Beef Eye, an organ rich in Vitamin A (Retinol), Zinc, Omega-3/DHA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Magnesium.


Magnesium is an extremely important mineral involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in your body and helps you maintain good health, but many people don’t reach the reference daily intake (RDI) of 400 mg.

Consuming Grassfed Beef Eye is natures nutritional solution to reclaiming our clear vision and optimal eye health.

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